Who Are The Bimblers

We are Rob and Bridget. Over time, we have become two of the UK’s leading chronic illness bloggers.

The Bimblers is a blog about living with a chronic illness. We share real-life stories, tips and hacks to help people living with a chronic illness.

When we travel, we travel in a wheelchair, sharing accessible travel information as we go.

We squeeze every last ounce out of life and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We focus on what people “CAN DO” when they’re diagnosed with a chronic illness, not what they can’t.

We work hard to promote universal access and support “Tourism for All” and “Barrier-Free Travel”.

What We Do

We generally talk about our experiences of living with chronic illness, disability and wheelchair travel.

We write for several blogs and websites in the Chronic Illness and Accessible Travel niches. You can see more of our work and accolades on our Press Page.

Why We Do It

We have the first-hand experience of living with a chronic illness, disability and travelling with mobility problems. We know how hard life can be, we understand the barriers people face and we know how to overcome them.

Work With Us

We believe blogging is a legitimate profession and that all bloggers should be rewarded for the work they do. Therefore, please don’t ask us to work for free as your offer will be refused – thank you.

To discuss working with us please email rob@thebimblers.com