Wheelchair Friendly Walk on the English Riviera

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On a recent trip to Dartmoor in Devon, we had a few hours to fill between activities, so we went for a wheelchair walk on the English Riviera.

As you know, Bridget and I are partial to a coastal walk, so we set off for a short bimble in Torquay.

We knew we wouldn’t have enough time to explore properly, but the sun was out, so a visit to Torquay seafront made perfect sense.

A Wheelchair Walk in Torquay, the English Riviera

Known as the English Riviera, a phrase coined by the Victorians, Torquay has a mild climate, sandy beaches and a palm tree-lined, horseshoe-shaped accessible bay. It is immaculate and feels almost European. It is not a typical seaside resort because it feels pretty glamorous.

Given its proximity to Dartmoor National Park, about 40 minutes by car if you stay in the east of the park, it’s a pleasant excursion if you fancy a day at the seaside.

Torquay Wheelchair Walk in Pictures

We parked up on the main road near the marina. There are plenty of marked disabled parking bays along the route. I can’t remember whether we paid to park; if I’m honest, I should have noted it!

Disabled Parking in Torquay

I remember that Torquay Bay is very accessible, and it looks a bit like Monaco and is ideal for a wheelchair walk. There are 22 miles of coastal path in the area, and we managed a couple of miles around the bay before running out of time.

Everywhere you look, there are signs of Torquay’s grand past.

Fountain in Torquay
Building in Torquay

But then again, there’s still money about; look at the amounts of boats and yachts in the marina.

Yachts in Torquay Harbour
Boats in Torquay

As for the walk, it was just pleasant, and where it was inaccessible, they’ve made it accessible by installing a ramp.

Wheelchair Walk in Torquay
Accessible Garden
Bay Walks
Princess Theatre in Torquay
Princess Theatre Complex

And, to prove my point about access, look what they’ve built on the side of a cliff.

Before the access police start bombarding me with complaints, I’m not saying this impressive structure is for wheelchair access. Even people without mobility problems would struggle climbing that many stairs, but it would be wrong not to show you!

If this can be built up the cliffside, there’s no excuse for a ramp up a few steps!!!

Access up the Cliff

On with the walk …

Accessible Walk on Torquay Bay
Torquay Pier
Elegant Torquay Promenade
Palm Trees in Torquay
The Bimblers in Torquay
Sweeping Sandy Beach

And sadly, that was it. The walk was over. If you happen to be in the area and fancy a coastal walk, Torquay is a must.


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Disclaimer: We visited Devon as part of a familiarisation trip with Dartmoor Accommodation

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