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Rob and Bridget - The Bimblers are two of the UK's leading accessible travel bloggers. Their motto: Life is an adventure; let's make it accessible.

If you’ve read Meet the Bimblers, you’ll know I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about Bridget missing out. You’ll also know I’m on a mission to create a life we can both participate in without barriers or at least where the obstacles can be overcome. One way of doing that is participating in accessible walks.

Before becoming a full-time carer, I was walking Britain’s coastal path, all of it! In effect, I had this crazy plan to walk over 5000 miles around the whole coastline of Britain. But it pains me to say that’s not going to happen now because there’s no way I can push Bridget over some of the terrains.

Accepting defeat, I’ve got another plan that allows me to walk reasonable distances but is also suitable for pushing a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Friendly Walks

There’s an irony in the term wheelchair friendly walks, but if you think about it, why not!

Whether self-propelling or getting pushed, why should you miss out on some fantastic walks?

There are hundreds if not thousands of accessible routes. Some are purpose-built others are just there.

From our point of view, all we need is flat, and it’s walkable. Bridget can’t be jiggled because rattling her bones puts her in hospital, so a wheelchair walk for us must be relatively flat!.

Where are they?

Wheelchair Friendly Wales Coast Path
Bridget at the start of the Wales Coast Path.

Surprisingly wheelchair walks are everywhere.

Take a look at these 25 wheelchair friendly walks.

Years of concerted effort to make most places accessible have meant loads of accessible walks.

If you think about it, coastal walks have been there since Victorian times. We have miles of the promenade, which is flat for the most part.

From experience walking the coast is one of the most rewarding things you can do because there’s so much variety.

The countryside is a bit trickier with its undulating hills and uneven surfaces. There are, however, plenty of schemes out there opening it up, and I’m looking forward to visiting the peak district see: Accessible Derbyshire.

The Big Push
Explore the Peak District

Our towns and cities offer an abundance of wheelchair friendly walks.

In my home city of Liverpool, we have the waterfront, Crosby coastal walk, numerous parks and then there’s the Wirral peninsula just across the Mersey.

I can’t think of anything better than strolling along the seafront in a quaint European town, the sun low in the sky, a breeze in my face and Bridget at my side (well, in front of me in her chair) – sorry, I went off on one then!

When we’ll be walking.

Wales Coast Path, Cardiff
Bridget on the Wales Coast Path in Cardiff

Ideally, we’ll try and fit in a week’s walk, health and weather permitting.

If we’re out on a city break, we’ll still try and locate a walk suitable for wheelchair users or the less mobile. Please look at our escapades in Cardiff Bay, an excellent wheelchair-friendly walk.

Walking means you see the world from a different perspective. Often you’ll stumble across places you wouldn’t ordinarily see, and our city breaks are ideal for this.

Have a go yourself!

I hope you’re inspired to get out there and explore. If you are, don’t forget to share it with us!

If you know of any wheelchair accessible walks we should visit (anywhere in Europe), share them with us. Who knows, we might get there.

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