Visit The Alnwick Garden in a Wheelchair

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When we stayed in the Hogs Head Inn in Alnwick we visited The Alnwick Garden and Alnwick Castle.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. I’m not a fan of gardening.

However, after an enjoyable visit to the Garden House in Devon, I’m more open to visiting garden attractions.

And, I’m glad I did make an effort to visit The Alnwick Garden because it’s a bit special.

The Alnwick Garden

The Duchess of Northumberland has inspired and created an excellent day out for all the family.

The garden is best described as an experience because there are numerous exciting things and beautiful flowers.

Here’s a screenshot of what you can do and see:

A list of activities in The Alnwick Garden
Visit The Alnwick Garden

The biggest attraction for me was the space to breathe.

Yes, it was busy the day we visited, but it didn’t feel crowded because it’s set over 12 acres.

Red and white deckchairs for viewing the Alnwick Garden water cascade
A blue over sized potion bottle in the Alnwick Garden
The gates to The Poison Garden in The Alnwick Garden
A blue oversized deckchair
Oversized hob nail boots in The Alnwick Garden
A water aquirting feature
The Rose Garden in Alnwick
Oversized Books at the Entrance to the Garden in Northumberland

Accessibility in The Alnwick Garden

A picture of the flat gravel surface

Did you notice the “Accessibility” information on the screenshot above?

What does that tell you?

It tells you somebody has thought about accessibility in the gardens, which is always a good sign.

The Alnwick Garden was designed to be as accessible as possible. From the earliest plans, the duchess has been clear that the Alnwick Garden is for everyone.

The Duchess of Northumberland

You can read the full access statement here: Access in The Alnwick Garden.

Taken from the statement:

Level Access

  • The main entrance has level access
  • There is level access from the main entrance to:
  • The Garden
  • Main Ticket Desk
  • Pavilion Cafe
  • Main Toilets
  • John Searcys
  • Bakery
  • Main Shop
  • The Alnwick Garden
  • Viewing area for wheelchair users


  • Some staff have disability awareness, BSL and Next Generation Text training.


  • Glass doors and full-height windows have contrast markings.
  • The walls and the doors have high colour contrast.
  • We have displayed information in large print.
  • The menu is in large print.
  • Various languages


  • We have a concessionary rate for disabled visitors.
  • We have a complimentary ticket policy for personal assistants.
  • There is a public toilet for disabled visitors.
  • Some staff have disability awareness training.

I can tell you; I had no problems pushing Bridget around in her wheelchair.

Worth a Visit?

Absolutely. Without a doubt, even if you’re not into flowers.

And, as it’s connected to Alnwick Castle, you can take a look at the castle while you’re there.


The Alnwick Garden
Alnwick Castle

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