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Accessible Tourism in the UK

Did you know, Tourism for All is the national charity and voice of accessible tourism in the UK?

If you did, great! If you didn’t, you’ll find this post useful.

To be fair, this post is long overdue, so let’s get on with it and I’ll tell you all about Tourism for All and their important initiatives:

Tourism For All

Tourism for All is a national charity based in Cumbria. They work tirelessly to improve the standard of access in the tourism industry.

With experience spanning 35 years, Tourism for All provides access information to its members and the general public, especially those of us with disabilities.

Tourism for All is the go-to resource when it comes to accessible tourism in the UK, especially if you need specific advice or resources to help you enjoy your holiday.

For me, the jewel in the crown is that you can email or phone them directly and discuss your specific needs. This in itself removes most of the stress of travelling with a disability.

Not only is Tourism for All a useful resource for information, if you become a member, you’ll also benefit from specially negotiated discounts on hotels, travel insurance and mobility equipment hire.

Membership Details Here – Join Tourism for All and Save Money

As well as being a national charity dedicated to its members, Tourism for All is also instrumental in shaping accessible tourism policy. And, if that’s not enough, Tourism for All also offer training to businesses to help them improve their access facilities.

This doesn’t always mean spending lots of money, TFA can work with a business, offer practical solutions and introduce them to professionals who can help them become truly welcoming to all.

Website – Tourism for All
Facebook – TFAUK
Twitter – Tourism for All UK

Tourism is for Everybody

Accessible Tourism Campaign

I mentioned above “shaping accessible tourism policy”, TFA campaign and inform on all aspects of accessible tourism, most of which goes unseen and unrecognised.

So, I’ll publicly thank them here for their efforts – Thank You!

A recent initiative is “Tourism is for Everybody”, it’s what I’d describe as a public facing campaign, or movement as the folk at TFA like to call it.

To be honest, at first, I wasn’t sure what it was. OK, I know I’m a bit thick, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to get involved, what was expected of me or what I could expect in return.

So, here’s my “little” more informed take on what “Tourism is for Everybody” actually is:

  • It’s an umbrella under which individuals, business and policy makers can meet and discuss accessible tourism.
  • It’s a place where your views will be listened to without judgement, and a place where the right people are listening.
  • It’s an opportunity to be heard. There are many people and organisations with important views and useful information, but they never get their voices out there, now they can.
  • Accessible tourism is a big and sometimes confusing subject. This initiative has the potential to make sense of it all and use this clarity to educate regardless of your understanding or interest in accessible tourism.

That’s my take on it anyway, and “Yes” I’d encourage you to join the conversation.

Website – Tourism is for Everybody
Facebook – Tourism is for Everybody
Twitter – TI4Einfo

Open Britain

Access Information Service

Part of the Tourism for All family is Open Britain, a website designed to show you accessible things to do, places to visit and where to stay.

I’m going to confess, I haven’t spent nearly enough time on Open Britain. The truth is, when I’m planning a trip, I’m a stubborn old git and I like to do things the hard way.

Instead of wasting countless hours googling, I should just start with a search on Open Britain.

Don’t be like me, head on over to Open Britain and check it out for yourself, you might even pick up a discount or two.

Website – Open Britain

Carrie-Ann (TFA Information Officer)

Tourism for All Information OfficerIt would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention Carrie Ann, not least because if Tourism for All is the official voice of accessible tourism in the UK, Carrie Ann is the face and friendly voice at the end of the phone.

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Carrie-Ann at the Mobility Roadshow, and now we’re fellow #DHGurus on Disability Horizons.

Carrie-Ann also writes a travel blog where she shares her travels in a wheelchair. Carrie-Ann has been to some pretty cool places and I’d recommend you head on over to her blog and take a look.

Website – Carrie-Ann’s Travel Blog

So there you go folks, a quick overview of Tourism for All and its initiatives. I hope you found it useful and I hope you will take a moment to visit their websites and social media channels.

I would also ask you to share this post, the more people that become members of Tourism for All, the stronger and more effective they can be.

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