Wheelchair Friendly Rooms at Premier Inn Cleethorpes

New Premier inn Hotel in Cleethorpes

Does Premier Inn Cleethorpes have wheelchair friendly rooms?

It’s been a while since we stayed in a Premier Inn hotel, so the night before our mini road trip on the Lincolnshire coast, we spent a night at the new Premier Inn in Cleethorpes.

I’m not entirely sure when this hotel opened, but you could tell it was pretty new because everything looked untouched.

Our room felt like it had never been used before, or maybe that’s just a big compliment to housekeeping.

Premier Inn Cleethorpes is at the southern end of the promenade and has a Brewers Fayre pub next door, so it was perfect for an overnight stay.

Driving through Cleethorpes, you could see that the town has plenty of seaside guesthouses, the type you’d see in any seaside resort.

I want to stay in more guesthouses and B&B’s because they’re quaint, even quirky, but a Premier Inn is always the safe option when you need to know that your room is accessible.

On a side note, I did try and find an accessible B&B or guesthouse, but to no avail. The ones I found were either booked or didn’t feel suitable for us.

Premier Inn is a safe option because “you pay your money, you know what you’re going the get”.

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Instead, here’s a brief overview of our visit and a few photos.

The New Premier Inn Cleethorpes

Disabled Parking at the Premier inn Cleethorpes

This is a modern hotel with a large “free” car park. There are accessible parking spaces right outside the front door, an access ramp leading to the entrance and an automatic door leading into the reception.

The reception desk didn’t have a lowered section for chair users, although it’s one of those new open-plan type receptions, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Next to the reception desk was a small table. Helpfully it was stocked with extra tea, coffee and milk sachets. I liked this touch because I hate bothering the staff with requests for extras, and I do that a lot because two coffees and four kinds of milk don’t even touch the sides.

This hotel uses a new key card system. You hold it against sensors to access the corridor doors, lifts and door to your room. It’s much easier to use than the fiddly swipe or slot keys, although you have to put it in a slot to turn the light on in your room.

There are lifts to all floors. Our room was on the ground floor at the far end of a long corridor.

Premier Inn Hotel Corridor

Premier Inn Cleethorpes Wheelchair Friendly Rooms

We booked an accessible room, and it worked for us. The only thing I’d say is the room had a low-level bath, not a wet room?

I don’t remember the option of a low-level bath or wet room when booking? I asked the staff, and they confirmed the hotel has both. To book a specific room, you need to ask for it, which would involve contacting the hotel directly because I don’t think you can do it online?

Like I have said before, the room was clean and spacious. It had a low-level wardrobe that would be easy to access from a seated position because it’s not open-fronted and hidden behind a large mirror.

Premier inn Hotel Room
Low-Level Wardrobe in Premier inn Hotel Room

The Hypnos bed was comfy with clean bedding, and the blackout curtains worked a treat.

Double Hypnos Bed in Hotel Room

The bathroom was spacious with plenty of grab rails. I mentioned the bath, so I’m not going to labour the point. My only other observation was that the toilet flush was poor, and the handle was not in the best position.

Accessible Bathroom in Hotel Room
Low-level Wash Basin in Hotel Room
Toilet with Bars and Grab Rails

I know I’m turning into a sad older man, but if you can’t flush the toilet or take 4 or 5 flushes, it’s an issue, especially when you have bad hands. The other thing with the flush is the handle is too close to the grab rails when the rails are in the up position.

Toilet Flush Next to Grab Bars

Why does this matter? Well, if you transfer from the toilet to a chair, you need to move the rails, then you have to move your chair to put the rails back down again so you can then move back into position to flush the toilet!!!

The Brewers Fayre Restaurant

Premier inn Restaurant in Cleethorpes

The large Brewers Fayre is next door to the hotel. The staff are friendly, and the food is what you’d expect in a Brewers Fayre. I’m not flippant, but the Brewers Fayre is generally a safe option like the Premier Inn.

We had dinner, and I had the full cooked breakfast, again perfectly edible and plenty of choices, so no complaints from me.

Simple Breakfast in Premier inn
Healthy Breakfast in Premier inn
Cooked Breakfast at the Premier inn in Cleethorpes

Overall, I’m happy to recommend the Premier Inn in Cleethorpes based on my observations.

It’s what you’d expect from a Premier Inn, clean, usable and not overly expensive.

If I needed to, I’d be happy to stay there again, and that’s always a good measure of whether I’d recommend it.

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