The Kelpies at The Helix Centre in Falkirk, Scotland

The Helix Centre

On our way to stay at Homelands in Fife, we stopped off to see The Kelpies in Falkirk. I don’t remember when The Kelpies first came on my radar, but I think it was when Freddie Flintoff took his fish and chip van there in his TV programme Freddie Fries Again?

We arrived late in the day thanks to Scotland’s massive road building scheme. I was actually thinking of giving them a miss but I’m glad I didn’t because on first sight The Kelpies really are spectacular and take your breath away.

A Great Day Out in Falkirk

If you’re looking for a great day out in Falkirk then The Helix should be high on your list.

Visitor Centre at The Helix

Refreshments at The Helix Centre

The Helix is a green space designed to engage, enthral and entertain the whole family. With multiple activities, an adventure play area, walks, cycle paths, visitor centre and of course The Kelpies it’s well worth visiting The Helix Centre.

The Kelpies

The Kelpies are mythical creatures, taking the form of water horses the two beasts are beyond impressive, they’re magical. I tweeted out when we arrived that “nothing can prepare you for them” and I meant it.

Bridget at The Kelpies

The Kelpies

A Water Horse in Falkirk

Impressive Kelpie Statue

The Kelpies in The Helix Centre

Reflection of The Kelpies

Their size, detail and sheer majesty do stop you in your tracks. We were unable to take the tour inside The Kelpies but we spoke to another visitor who had and he gave it a massive thumbs up.

Visiting The Kelpies

There are plenty of car parks on The Helix if you want to enjoy the open space. Because we were only visiting The Kelpies, and as we’re blue badge holders, we were able to drive up to the visitor centre.

When you arrive at the entrance barrier, press the intercom and the staff will let you in, drive carefully up to the visitor centre. You can then park at the side of the visitor centre and it’s a short walk on level ground to The Kelpies.


The Helix
The Kelpies

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