Talking About Accessible Beaches on BBC Radio

Accessible Beaches on the Radio

Today, I have been talking about accessible beaches on BBC Radio Solent in Portsmouth.

The discussion on the breakfast show was about how accessible beaches are in the UK, specifically the poor access to Southsea beach and what can be done about it?

I’m not entirely sure how the reporter found The Bimblers, it could have been the article we did for My Weekly Magazine.

However he found us, I’m glad he did because anything we can do to promote accessible tourism we’re happy to oblige.

So initially, I spoke with the reporter about accessible beaches on the phone, you can hear what I said here: My thoughts on Accessible Beaches

The conversation was condensed into one short spot in the radio discussion, you can hear it here: BBC Radio Solent Discussion on Accessible Beaches

Then, completely out of the blue, the producer rang me and asked would I go live on air… of course, I said yes and you can hear that here: The Bimblers Live on Air 

I clearly need to learn how to speak without saying “Erm” all the time – enjoy

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  1. I know we tend to complain a lot about the UK, but we are so far ahead many other European countries. I look out for disabled access beaches automatically as I work with disabled ramps. And on a recent visit to Spain where I went to a number of different towns, I can say that disabled access was very poor in most

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