The Rings Accessible Cottages in Fife – Review

Luxury Cottages in Fife, Scotland

Do you know how sometimes things are just meant to be? You do, well, that’s how I feel about our visit to The Rings accessible cottages in Fife, Scotland.

Last December, we were supposed to be reviewing hotels in Edinburgh, but I had this feeling we should visit The Rings instead, and I was right.

Earlier on in the year, I interviewed Moira, the owner of The Rings for my “Meet the Vendor” series on Accomable.

Since then, I was unable to shake the thought that I must meet Moira in person because she sounds like a very interesting lady.

My gut told me to change our Edinburgh plans, I wanted to know what kind of person overcomes so many challenges, what drives them and of course I wanted to see what Moira had achieved with The Rings.

So, after a brilliant few day at Homelands, we set off to meet Moira and experience The Rings for ourselves.

But, first things first, before we look at The Rings accessible cottages, you need to meet Moira. I’m sure you’ll agree, once you’ve met her, that like the cottages she’s created, Moira is also quite unique.

Moira from The Rings in Fife

Holiday Cottage OwnerMoira trained as an RGN nurse, her husband (David) was an agricultural lecturer in a FE college.

To relieve the stress of demanding jobs they rented a few fields and bought 190 ewes in lamb. Moira, by her own admission, had a steep learning curve into being a shepherdess.

Over time, Moira managed to buy a small farm and when her husband bought 6 bantam chicks instead of flowers, it all got a bit out of control.

The flock grew to 20,000 hens and instead of life getting less stressful, another steep learning curve into poultry keeping was called for.

Moira became Chairperson of Scottish Egg Producers Retail Association (SEPRA) and during her tenure fought the Food Standards Agency over salmonella testing in eggs. Ultimately, out of 22500 eggs tested, no Scottish eggs were found to have salmonella and only 9 eggs had salmonella on the shell – none internally, a food scare was averted.

Moira gave me a crash course in egg production, storage and differences. Honestly, it was fascinating and although I don’t want to cause trouble, I’m now not so pedantic about whether my boiled eggs are free range or not!!!

The next part of the story I think is best told by Moira. Here’s an extract from my “Meet the Vendor” article:

After my Mum died, I was ill with a post viral syndrome and had to give up the hens.

When Mum had stayed with us, she had a severe stroke and needed full body hoisting, I would have loved to have taken her on holiday but how can you go anywhere with all the equipment which was needed?

I thought “we can’t be the only family with this problem”. My cousin had also needed ceiling tracking hoist and he could no longer go on holiday with his family.

The Rings started out in my mind as a two-bedroom cottage. But, my friend Mairi raised the point that her brothers-in-law had Muscular Dystrophy, and both were in wheelchairs at the same time. She asked could we build something with 3 or 4 bedrooms, she was sure other families would appreciate this.

Over time, my health returned and my desire to provide something increased.

To summarise the difficult journey we have had:

– We failed to get a grant.

– Got planning permission in principle. – Got grant on the second application (blood, sweat and tears involved).

– Lost the bank support, had to find another bank.

– Almost lost the grant as it took 5 planning committees and a failed planning appeal to finally get to the point where we could build.

– The last grant payment was to be Dec 2013!

– Wrote email after email pleading with everyone up to Alex Salmond who was the 1st minister at the time, to keep the grant on the table for us.

– A further 6th planning committee to alter the road and 6 years since the actual start to try to build, we had a building and were welcoming guests!

The build actually only took 9 months, significant given the size and complexity.

We had a fantastic builder, Dougie, whose sister had spina bifida. We were only 11 days into the build when the devastating news that Dorothy, Dougie’s wife, only had 3-4 weeks to live… she died 3.5 weeks later with Dougie tasked to “Finish Building The Rings”.

In memory of Dorothy, we will have “Dorothy’s Break”, this will take the form of gifting or subsidising a break for someone who has been brought to our attention with a particular need for a break.

In the end, my hubby’s pension pot, all of my inheritance and a large mortgage were needed to build The Rings.

I told you Moira is quite unique. Many of us (me) would give up but not Moira. In fact, as well as coping with all of this, she somehow found time to write a book “ The Journey to The Rings: You Couldn’t Make it Up”  the book is available to purchase on Amazon.

Moira's Book About Building The Rings in Fife

Moira uses the proceeds from her book to buy equipment for The Rings, so far book sales have paid for a profiling bed, shower chairs and a mobile hoist – buy the book if you can!

The Rings Accessible Cottages

At first glance, The Rings can seem a little confusing. In essence, what you have is one super cottage that can be partitioned into smaller self-contained cottages.

With so many configurations, there’ll be a setup to suit you and your family.

The Rings Floorplan

Accessible Cottages For The Whole Family

I was going to write a full review, but to be honest, I was so impressed with my friend “Simply Emma’s” review, I’m happy to direct you there instead. I think Emma did a great job at explaining the cottages and as Emma uses an electric wheelchair you can see how The Rings worked for her.

Instead, let me show you pictures from our visit

The Outside

The Rings are set in beautiful Fife countryside. The thing that struck me was the peace and quiet. If you want to get away from it all, The Rings are the place to stay – look how stunning the area is:

Fife Countryside

Crisp Morning in Fife

The Sun coming up in Fife

Orange Skies in Fife

Purple Skies in Scotland

You’ll also notice the building itself is in keeping with its surroundings, is designed to be eco-friendly and complements the landscape not intrude on it.

Accessible Holiday Cottages in Scotland

Eco-Friendly Cottages

Luxury Cottages in Scotland

Patio at The Rings in Fife

View of The Rings from the lower field

Large Cottage Windows on the Patio

Luxury Garden Furniture

Relaxing at The Rings in Fife

The Inside

You’ve heard me say this before but I’m saying it again – I hate it when a cottage feels clinical. The Rings are far from clinical, it’s at the opposite end of the scale from clinical, it’s comfortable, homely and practical, it’s a pleasure to stay in.

Large Living Area in Holiday Cottage

Large Open Plan Living Room in Cottage

Kitchen in The Rings Fife

Quality Dining Room Furniture in Holiday Cottage

Each room in The Rings is individual and has its own quirks …

Small Table and Chairs in Cottage

Dining Table in The Rings

A communal hall runs the full length of the cottage. This can be closed off to isolate your rooms within the cottage so effectively you’re in your own section of the building …

Access to Main Cottage from Topaz Bedroom

Access to all bedrooms in The Rings Cottages

There are so many bedrooms in The Rings, here are just a few of them …

Bedroom in Cottage with a Ceiling Hoist

Twin Beds in Luxury Bedroom

Cottages with ceiling hoists in Scotland

I definitely took pictures of the bathrooms, for the life of me, I can’t find them?

When I do, I’ll update the post so make sure you check The Rings website or Emma’s post which I mentioned earlier.

The Topaz Bedroom – Our Cottage

We stayed in the Topaz bedroom, it has its own private front door, it’s like a self-contained bungalow.

Private Access to Holiday Cottage

I requested this part of the cottage because I liked the pictures (I know, not very scientific). That said, we had access to all of the cottages but I’d need to stay for a fortnight to try them all out.

The Topaz Bedroom and Kitchen

Luxury Bed Linen in a Holiday Cottage

Access to Topaz Bedroom

Accessible Bathroom at The Rings Fife

Accessible Toilet in The Rings

In truth, no matter how many pictures you see, none of them really do The Rings justice. It’s one of those places you need to experience for yourself.

We loved it and will be returning without a doubt. I have no hesitation in recommending The Rings.

If you visit (and you should) don’t forget to mention us :-)

Website – The Rings

Access Statement – Accessibility Guide

Facebook – The Rings Fife

Twitter – @TheRingsFife

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