Newby Bridge and Lakeside on Lake Windermere

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The evening before our Cumbrian road trip, which incidentally was a washout, we paid a flying visit to Newby Bridge and Lakeside at the southern end of Lake Windermere

Initially, we wanted a toilet break, but it was so lovely we stayed a while. For such a small place, a lot is going on:

Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway

Lakeside Train Station is on the Haverthwaite line. Originally built to move coal and iron during the Industrial Revolution, the railway today is a tourist attraction.

Ticket Office in Lakeside Newby Bridge

There’s a notice on the ticket office explaining which services are wheelchair friendly, and it’s best to ask before booking tickets.

Steam Train

As well as running a daily service during the tourist season, there are special events, and you can even book to drive a train!

Train Station

For up to date information about The Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway, visit their website.

Lakeside Pier

If you’ll excuse the cliche, the pier at the lakeside is picture-postcard gorgeous.

Boat Arriving at Dock

Lakeside is a stop for Windermere Lakes Cruises. From here, you can take a cruise around Lake Windermere with stop off’s in Waterhead and Bowness.

Boat Mooring

View of The Lake

Visit their website for more detailed information about Windermere Lake Cruises and its accessibility.

The Lakes Aquarium

If you’ve ever wondered what lives in the lake, pay a visit to the Lakes Aquarium. Sadly, the aquarium was closed when we arrived, but it looks like a fantastic visitor attraction and education resource.

Lakes Aquarium

Visit their website for more details of what’s on at the Lakes Aquarium in Newby Bridge, including wheelchair access details.


Considering Newby Bridge was meant to be a comfort stop, it turned out to be a smashing little bimble!

Cafe in Lakeside

There are two cafes, one upstairs and one down. We sat downstairs and enjoyed views over the lake.

Disabled Toilet

Great news, the toilets were clean and accessible.

There is plenty of parking at Newby Bridge and Lakeside, but be aware that blue badge holders have to pay for a parking ticket.


Newby Bridge and Lakeside are one of those places you’ll be glad you found.

Whether you’re passing through or looking for something a bit different away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas, Newby Bridge is well worth the visit!

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