It’s Been a Funny Old Week

St Ives in Cornwall

I’ve neglected The Bimblers over the last few months. I’m feeling much better now, so its time to get the blog back on track.

I’ve still got to be careful, I still need to stay within my limits. But, if I manage my time wisely, I should be able to start bimbling again soon.

I’ve got to be honest, time management is not my strong point. I think most bloggers have the same problem. When you’re online, there are too many distractions and you end up doing a whole lot of nothing.

For obvious reasons, my time has suddenly become precious. I can’t afford to waste it. I need to stay focused, I need to make sure every minute counts.

That’s why I have started this weekly roundup post. Writing an overview of what I’ve been up to during the week will hopefully keep me accountable.

There’ll be no format for these posts, other than these two topics:

What I’ve been doing this week

What I’ve been reading this week

If there is something you’d like to see in the roundup posts, email me and I’ll see what I can do.

I’ll publish these roundup posts on a Monday morning. That way, I can capture a full week. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you’ll be notified of new posts on a Tuesday.

What I’ve Been Doing This Week

To make sure I’m writing content you want to read, I created an anonymous Reader Feedback Form.

I sent the form out to our newsletter subscribers and have pinned it to the top of our Facebook Page.

I asked these three questions:

  1. What do you like about The Bimblers?
  2. What do you dislike about The Bimblers?
  3. What would you like to see on The Bimblers?

I won’t be sharing the feedback on the blog because I promised all responses would be confidential. What I will say, based on the results so far:

  • People are quite happy with the content we produce, like our style of writing and feel as if they can relate to us. We are very happy about this.
  • There are only a couple of dislikes and I agree with them.
  • We have been given some great ideas for new content. It’s exciting when you speak directly to your audience, I can’t wait to start writing these posts.

Planning a Few Trips

To ease ourselves back in, we’ll be spending a bit of time in our backyard.

The truth is, we’ve neglected the North West of England and North Wales.  Over the coming months, you’ll be seeing plenty more posts about our neck of the woods.

A Trip to Northern Ireland

Visit Northern Ireland

My wonderful Mum not only supported Bridget in nursing me through my recovery but also she’s offered to send us away for a weekend break.

Although we could have gone anywhere, we decided to take a trip to Northern Ireland.

Neither of us has been to Northern Ireland and we especially want to visit Belfast. We are really looking forward to it. It’s still in the planning stages so I’m open to ideas of where we should stay and what we should do when we’re there.

New Camera – Yay!

The back end of last year I bought a new camera and I still haven’t had the chance to use it. It’s the Canon G9x MKii, I’ve been playing around with it this week.

Canon Compact Camera

I’m looking forward to not lugging around a heavy DSLR. I might even try my hand at making some videos.

What I’ve been reading

Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Heart Failure and Cancer, I’ve become a bit obsessed with electric wheelchairs.

I’m still able to push Bridget in her wheelchair, but not very far. The last thing I need is to do myself an injury.

Deciding to use a mobility aid is a huge decision for me. But if I don’t, The Bimblers is effectively finished and I definitely don’t want that.

I need two wheelchairs because Bridget can’t use a scooter with her hands, and I still have a dodgy tummy so bending forward is a no-no and my hand’s aren’t great either.

The good news is, we’d only need to use the wheelchairs when we travel which narrows it down to foldable and lightweight wheelchairs.

The next problem, I simply haven’t got the money to go out and buy two electric wheelchairs. I did consider applying to charities, but in all honesty, that’s just not me. There are many more people out there who need support so I ruled it out.

And that’s where I get stuck. My knowledge of electric wheelchairs is slim to non-existent, I’ve spent a lot of time swatting up about them.

Pride i-Go Electric Wheelchair

Purely based on Amazon reviews, I’m leaning towards the Pride i-Go electric wheelchair. We need to try them first to make sure they suit us and I’ll have to figure out how to get the money to pay for them.

Electric Wheelchair

If you have any recommendations for an electric wheelchair, let me know in the comments.

And that’s it, not a very exciting week.

The reader feedback forms have been really interesting. I don’t know why I left it so long to “Ask the Audience”.

My cunning plan to fund two electric wheelchairs continues. I will keep you updated if there are any new developments.

If you haven’t already, please fill out the “Reader Feedback Form”, the more responses we get the better. And, make sure you sign up for our newsletter below so you never miss a post.

We appreciate you.

Happy Travels.

Rob & Bridget

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