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Wheelchair World

I was recently contacted by Susie from Wheelchair World. Susie reached out to me to help bring attention to the important resource she’s creating for wheelchair users.

Obviously, it’s a subject close to my heart and helps wheelchair users, so of course, I agreed.

I asked Susie to write a post telling us all about the curated directory Wheelchair World and she kindly obliged.

So without further ado, it’s over to Susie from Wheelchair World.

Wheelchair World

A 21st-century problem!

How do I find information about accessibility in the place I wish to visit?
What search terms should I use?
Do I search for accessibility?
Inclusive tourism?
Or something else?

Google is not always the best way to search for information about wheelchair accessible holidays because the top results are held by large travel companies with big budgets.

The really useful information for wheelchair users are often hidden away on page 2 or 3 or deeper in the results pages.

10 years ago, there were hardly any resources for wheelchair travellers. You had to either ask someone you knew who had already visited the destination in a wheelchair or just turn up and hope for the best!

Nowadays, there is much more attention paid to the needs of disabled travellers, meaning that many ministries of tourism now publish specific advice for disabled travellers. For example, the step free access London tube guide or the Visit Scotland accessible tourism website pages.

The future is much brighter for wheelchair travellers, but we all know that some difficulties are only noticed by people in wheelchairs themselves.

And now there is a new challenge…

How do you find all of the really useful wheelchair user reviews?

There are growing number of mobile applications which have people with disabilities reviewing locations throughout the UK such as Euans Guide, accessadvisr and Mobility Mojo.

And what about the apps from other countries that have also reviewed destinations in the UK: wheel map, on wheels app, ability app, Brett approved, AccessNow and even the very global AccessEarth!… The list goes on.

And then there are the numerous blog posts, really, who can keep up?

What would be great if there was a place where all of these come together, where wheelchair travellers can find a list of all the various reviews, resources and apps…

Wait a minute! That exists?

Wheelchair World

Yes, on you can find hundreds if not thousands of links to wheelchair using travellers reviews, resources and more.

Put together by a dedicated wheelchair traveller, Wheelchair World is a fantastic resource for all wheelchair travellers – bringing together as many reviews and resources as can be found -from and for wheelchair using travellers.

Every day, new content is found and added to Wheelchair World.

Information about local community beach wheelchairs, accessible city sights, accessible accommodation, places that offer respite care, care assisted vacations, apps that detail local knowledge.

It’s all housed on Wheelchair World, and we are more than happy to add more relevant links on a daily basis.

The content is organised by country and destination. Wheelchair World makes wheelchair travelling so much easier and makes useful information so much simpler to find!

If you would like to add content to please email

Thank you, Susie, we appreciate your efforts in putting together and maintaining Wheelchair World – keep up this important work.

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