Introducing AccessAdvisr – Making Difficult Journeys Easier

Making Difficult Journeys Easier

Two and a half years ago when I stumbled into accessible tourism there weren’t many resources available for disabled travellers, not resources you could trust anyway.

Fast forward to today, and there are more and more coming online (which is great news).

This week, I spoke with Rob from AccessAdvisr about his resource for disabled travellers and he agreed to tell us all about it.

Introducing AccessAdvisr

So what is this AccessAdvisr?

I’m Rob Trent, co-founder and Managing Director of AccessAdvisr. I’m disabled and of an age where I can remember that travelling in a ‘Guards van’ (look it up youngsters!) was the only way for a wheelchair user like me to travel by train. As for buses – forget it! Going to places required lots of pre-planning and even more luck.

Fed up with this, I developed AccessAdvisr with Integrated Transport Planning (ITP) to provide a real-world view of how easy-to-access different places and transport stops are for disabled people. Disabled people can add their own reviews and tell us whether a place is physically accessible, but also about whether the service (or customer experience) was good.

We’re not just taking reviews in one country either. We’ve had reviews of hotels and places from as diverse places as Romania, the United States and Gran Canaria. We’ve had reviews from accessible Safari Parks in South Africa.

And of course, we have reviews of shops, restaurants and pubs.

AccessAdvisr also has a sister site spreading the accessibility word for Australia at

We can never have enough reviews, so if you’re disabled and visiting places, why not share your experiences with us?

As our database grows, we will anonymise and combine the information and share it with ethical service providers so they can improve the quality and accessibility of services they provide for disabled people.

Apart from the website we also have a flourishing social media presence.

LinkedIn: AccessAdvisr on LinkedIn
Facebook: AccessAdvisr Facebook Group
Twitter: @accessadvisr
YouTube: AccessAdvisr on YouTube

Rob Trent
Co-Founder & Managing Director AccessAdvisr Ltd

About Rob

Rob has personal experience of living with a disability and overcoming accessibility challenges. He has previously combined these life experiences with his interest in sport and has worked with the Football Stadium Design Council and the Football Foundation to help improve facilities for disabled people at football grounds.

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