Why I’m Starting a Diet on Monday

Poor Diet

I’ve been struggling to figure out why I’m getting fat?

I’m not a big eater, and to be fair, I get a lot of exercise pushing a wheelchair.

In theory, one should counteract the other.

I’ve been looking through photos of our bimbles, it turns out… I’ve been eating way more than I thought!!

So, as part of my diet, which I’m starting on Monday!!! I’m publicly shaming myself with a look back at the delights that passed my lips during the year.

Healthy Eating on the Road

Oh, and before I do that, here’s the original plan which was meant to keep the cost of travelling down.

Packed Lunch

A cooler box which plugs into the car, and an urn of hot water. The idea was to save us a few quid as we travel.

The cooler box was meant to be full of fruit, low-fat sarnies and yoghurt – yeah right!

I’d rather eat my own foot…

Why I’m Starting a Diet

Anyway, here’s a taste of some of the scoff I ate on the road last year:

Chicken Risotto in Cardiff

Chicken Risotto

A rack of ribs Bridget couldn’t eat

Rack of Ribs

Chicken nuggets in Jack Daniels sauce in Dublin

Chicken Nuggets in Jack Daniels

Scampi, I can’t even remember where this was?

Scampi and Chips

This was Fish and Chips from a drive-thru chippy.

Fish and Chips in a Box

A breakfast while I was waiting for the Mersey Ferry

A Big Breakfast

A sausage butty from somewhere, it’s bad I can’t remember where …

Sausage Butty

Fish and Chips, I think these were in Caernarfon?

Chips and Fish

Posh Fish and Chips in Llandudno

Posh Fish and Chips

Steak and Chips, also in Llandudno

Steak and Chips

Gammon and Mash in Morecambe

Gammon and Mash

Oops… Steak and Chips in Morecambe, well on the way home.

Steak and Mushrooms

Gammon and Eggs in the Campanile

Gammon and Eggs

Chilli Con Carne in Derbyshire

Baked Potato and Chilli Con Carne

Is it any wonder my spare tyre has its own spare tyre!!

The good news is, I ate healthy food in Dartmoor

Pea and Mint Soup

Pea and Mint Soup

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Rissoto

Topped off with three different ice creams

Ice Cream

Another Full English in Barnabas House B&B


A coronation chicken sandwich in The Garden House

Coronation Chicken

And a Cream Tea…

Devon Tea

So, there you have it – that’s why I’m getting fat!

Do you eat a lot when you’re travelling?

**Update – Since writing this post in 2016, I have put on 2 and a half stone. I am definitely starting a diet on Monday.

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