Fibromyalgia, Kidney Stones and a Heart Attack

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It’s difficult to know how to start this post. I sort of wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on with my health, not because I enjoy plastering my woes all over the internet but so I can explain why I’ve let so many people down recently.

So, rather than my usual ramblings, I’ll get straight to the point.

Since the turn of the year I have been ill, not spewy ill, but can’t function ill and it’s been doing my head in.

And the worst part, I don’t know from one day to the next whether I’ll be able to function and that’s meant despite my best efforts I’ve failed to deliver on promises.

I have posts to write about our fantastic time at Elms Farm Cottages in Lincolnshire. I just haven’t managed to get to it – I’m sorry!

I will get it done as soon as I can, but let me explain why I’m so late.

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

In January, I started undergoing tests for problems with my heart, at the same time I was having widespread chronic pain which in March resulted in a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

A few months down the road, the medications are finally giving me a bit of respite albeit sporadic.

Since January, I have had a million blood tests, ECG’s, a CT Calcium Scan, Cardiac Ultrasound and a failed CT Angiogram.

Needless to say, I am sick to the back teeth of being poked, prodded and scanned.

All the while I have been trying to conserve my energy for my caring responsibilities which have to take precedence over everything else.

Update: This is What Living with Fibromyalgia is Like for Me

Kidney Stones

Fast forward to last Thursday and I was taken in an ambulance to the hospital with kidney stones.

Frankly, they could have done anything to me and although I was off my head on gas and air I’m pretty sure they did.

Fortunately, the consultant in A&E didn’t mess about and hit me with every painkiller and stuck them in every orifice, unpleasant as it was, it did the trick and I was allowed home late on Thursday night.

So, as well as a Rheumatologist and a Cardiologist I can now add a Urologist to the list of people who are looking after me – some carer I am!!!

Silent Heart Attack

On Friday it was time to see the Cardiologist. The appointment was to find out why they couldn’t do the CT Angiogram?

I knew it was because my heartbeat was too fast (white coat syndrome) but was it really so fast that it warranted an urgent appointment the very next week?

My opening statement to the Cardiologist was “ There is nothing wrong with my heart, I just don’t like hospitals” ironic really considering how much time I have spent in them.

He replied “ The scans you’ve had suggest differently, they say you have had a heart attack and didn’t notice”…. er… a heart attack that I didn’t notice?

Okay, so we went over it again and again, I tried every trick in the book to get him to say there’s a possibility I hadn’t had a heart attack but he was having none of it.

The best I could get was “ I’m a consultant Cardiologist and I’m fairly sure you’ve had a heart attack which has resulted in damage to your heart”. I think that means there is a good chance that I’ve had a heart attack.

He added, even more, tablets into my daily routine and explained I’d need a full Angiogram, the one where they cut your arm, feed a tube through your veins and send dye into your heart.

I’m a wuss when it comes to all this. If I had my way, I’d leave it, but Bridget has made it absolutely clear that I’m going for the Angiogram and that’s that.

Three days later, I have a date for the pre-op. To my mind, that means they’re not messing about and he actually meant it.

Update: I Have Been Diagnosed with Heart Failure, Am I Going to Die?

Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare

At the time of writing this update, Bridget is in the middle of a massive flare, she’s going in for a big dose of IV steroids in the morning and hopefully, that’ll do the trick.

So far, 2017 has been pretty tough on both of us, not at all like we expected. That said, make no mistake, we will catch up, we will bounce back and The Bimblers will be bigger, better and hopefully more useful than ever.

Speak Soon

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