The Elusive Mayflower Steps in Plymouth

Barbican Area of Plymouth

We hadn’t planned on visiting Plymouth, but a chance conversation with Julian from Dartmoor Accommodation intrigued me. Julian mentioned the Mayflower Steps and how considering their historical importance they were under promoted.

I was a bit thick at school or at least not interested enough to retain any facts, so I’d never heard of the Mayflower Steps, if you haven’t either, here’s the short version of what they are and why they’re important.

The Mayflower Steps

It is believed the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for North America in 1620 from very near where these steps are. The actual steps have gone, but a granite block on the floor represents the approximate location of the site.

The Mayflower Commemorative Stone

We arrived late in the day, Julian was right, the steps are hard to find. We even followed the tourist signs which seemed to lead us nowhere. After plenty of middle aged man stuff (moaning) I figured out, rather than turning right at the Citadel, if I turn left into the dead end I might be in with a chance. Low and behold, there they were, lit up in all their glory!!

We parked on the main road and bimbled down to the steps and took these pictures…

View Over Plymouth Harbour

Bridget at the Mayflower Steps

Mayflower Steps Viewing Point

Plymouth Marina at Night

We were helpfully approached by a nice couple who welcomed us to Plymouth and took this photo of us. We’re very rarely in the same picture, so they really helped us out.

The Bimblers in Plymouth

I agree with Julian, the Mayflower Steps are quite important and as such should be more prominent on the tourist trail. Granted, once you’ve seen them that’s it, but they are surrounded by a beautiful harbour with pubs and restaurants, and if you are that way inclined you could make a day of it!


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The Mayflower Steps

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Disclaimer: We were in Devon on a familiarisation trip with Dartmoor Accommodation

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