Edinburgh Will Wait… Sadly Our Health Won’t


To say we’re upset is an understatement, we’ve cancelled our Edinburgh city break!

Coming off the back of a successful bimble in Cardiff we were super stoked to be visiting Edinburgh.

We’d learned from the mistakes we made in Cardiff and made appropriate changes. We booked the train “with assistance“, secured an adapted hotel room, did copious amounts of research and created a workable itinerary. Everything was in place, the one thing we didn’t plan for was the Flu!

I’m not talking your average dose of Flu, even we could probably work through that, but the knock you off your feet then kick you in the head type of Flu.

What makes matters worse is Bridget’s immune system is already low and when she has a cold or the Flu she can’t have her normal medication which renders her incapable of doing anything!

I’m asthmatic and can’t breathe at the best of times so Flu is an absolute killer. A strong dose of antibiotics and steroids couldn’t shift it so the GP ordered chest x-rays, he wanted to check for COPD?

Turns out I haven’t got COPD but a warning has been given all the same!

Another Lesson Learned

We’d booked saver rooms and saver train tickets although it seemed like a good idea at the time it means we can’t cancel or get our money back?

The thing we’re most gutted about is we were really looking forward to visiting Edinburgh Christmas Market!

Ah well … it happens!

Edinburgh isn’t going anywhere and I’m sure we’ll visit soon.

We tried again – Edinburgh Beat us Again

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  1. It’s lovely to be able get info from real people who have real disabilities rather than some ablebodied review which turns out to be a disaster. I’ve been on holidays where the accessible shower has a ten inch step (no shower for a week), an accessible pool with six steps leading into it, an accessible toilet my chair wouldn’t fit in, accessible coach trips where my chair actually fits but won’t clamp down as they have the wrong clamps just to name a few.
    We have decided now never to go anywhere that either we have been before or have a review from a real person with similar problems/ disability as myself.

    • Thank you, you’re right Dawn, some reviews simply are not helpful. Often these reviews are well meaning but written by someone who doesn’t truly understand the impact of the wrong information. Then there are reviews written by people who haven’t even visited the place they’re reviewing?
      I’m glad you appreciate what we’re trying to do here on The Bimblers and thank you for taking the time to comment.

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