Disabled Access Day in Dartmoor

Ponies in Dartmoor

If you said to me, you’ll be spending Disabled Access Day in Dartmoor, I’d laugh at you. Be honest, when you travel in a wheelchair or with a mobility problem, Dartmoor probably doesn’t rank high on the list of places to visit.

So, imagine my surprise and slight trepidation when Lisa from Dartmoor Accommodation invited us down for a disabled access day bimble. We spoke for quite a while on the phone, especially about how much of Dartmoor is accessible to us. In the end, Lisa’s enthusiasm and a clear commitment to accessible tourism convinced me we should visit.

During the conversation, I learned that Lisa was responsible for bringing the Genny to Dartmoor and I know she has plans for future events. It also became apparent that Lisa has a mass of local knowledge, understanding of travelling with a disability and first-hand experience of the accessible hotels and holiday accommodations in the area.

Putting this all together, how could we refuse a trip to Dartmoor. As an added bonus, Devon is one of the destinations on our bucket list for 2016, and any opportunity to check another destination off the list is fine by me.

What We’ll Be Doing in Dartmoor

We’re still creating an itinerary, and I guess a lot of it will depend on the weather. For me, what’s important, is doing things that people can replicate, it will hopefully include:

  • a drive around the local beauty spots, with stops where we can get out of the car and smell the air
  • visiting historic sites and houses, obviously, they’ll need to be accessible
  • a wheelchair friendly walk on a flat level path, Lisa assures me there are such paths in Dartmoor
  • a bimble around the local villages
  • a trip to the beach or coast

If we can fit it all in, and the weather holds, I just know it’s going to be a great trip. Obviously, I’ll be telling you all about it upon our return.

Update: You can read all about our trip in Accessible Dartmoor

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  1. Hi

    You have chosen well thats for sure, Dartmoor is truly amazing, we live in Okehampton right on the side of Dartmoor, Check out “The Granite Way” if you are near Okehampton as that should be a pretty accessible route


    • Thank’s Tristan, we are quite excited about visiting Dartmoor. I assumed it would be a bit hit and miss with accessibility, but I have it on good authority that there is plenty to do and see even with mobility problems.

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