Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes – What Happens Next?

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Last week, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

In all honesty, I have no idea how I got away with it for so long?

For years, my diet’s been terrible (chocoholic) and my ability to exercise ceased long ago.

I hadn’t been feeling well for a while. My vision was blurred, I had an unquenchable thirst and I was getting up to pee at least twice a night (which I’d never done).

It turns out these are all classic symptoms of Diabetes.

Diabetes Diagnosis

I connected the out of hours doctors who arranged a blood test. Two days later he was on the phone prescribing Diabetes medication.

Another 6 tablets a day!

My own GP arranged for me to see the Practice Nurse. The nurse referred me to a Chiropodist, an eye clinic and a Diabetic management program.

Okay, so that was the short version of what happened. The reason I’ve written it like this is twofold:

This all happened within a week, in a pandemic, what would we do without the NHS?


Why is diagnosing Diabetes so efficient compared to other health conditions?

I know, I know, other conditions have their own challenges when it comes to diagnosis. Even so, this timeline is impressive.

Living with Type 2 Diabetes

There are so many Diabetes questions I have. I will answer them in future posts.

In the meantime, if like me, you need education about Diabetes I recommend you visit:

NHS Logo
NHS Diabetes
Diabetes UK Logo
Diabetes UK

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