Buying a Lightweight Wheelchair
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How to Choose a Lightweight Wheelchair

It’s a big decision to start using a lightweight wheelchair, and it somehow feels like you’re giving up, and for some people, there’s the embarrassment of being seen in a wheelchair. Honestly, I get it. Bridget had [more]

Radar Key
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Where to Buy a Disabled Toilet Key

Have you ever found yourself standing outside a disabled toilet, desperate for a wee, only to find you need a disabled toilet key? We have loads of times, especially when we’re travelling. Bridget constantly moans [more]

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A Lightweight Wheelchair in a Bag

It’s not often we get invited to test mobility products, so when Fenetic Wellbeing asked us to try their “Deluxe Wheelchair in a Bag“, I was surprised and intrigued because I’d never heard of a [more]