Where to Buy a Disabled Toilet Key

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Have you ever found yourself standing outside a disabled toilet, desperate for a wee, only to find you need a disabled toilet key?

We have loads of times, especially when we’re travelling. Bridget constantly moans at me because I’m forever forgetting or losing the radar key!

To be honest, I don’t know how I forget it. It’s not exactly small. So to avoid any further public humiliation, I bought a second key to leave in the car for emergencies.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about disabled toilets and Radar keys, you’ve never been stuck outside a disabled toilet. It’s one of the most frustrating things ever, you’re there, you need it and you can’t get in.

So far, the cheapest Radar Keys I have found are here: Radar Keys on Amazon

So let me tell you about the National Key Scheme and Radar Key.

** Updated May 2018

What is the National Key Scheme?

For one reason or another, people who don’t need a disabled toilet like using them? I understand, when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go, but it’s a bit unfair using an accessible toilet when you don’t really need it.

In an attempt to stop public toilets being misused, the National Key Scheme was created.

The idea being, if you’re disabled and need access to a locked public toilet, you can buy a Radar key to access them. One key fits the lock on the toilets in the scheme – clever eh!

Disabled Toilet Locations

It’s a great idea, and these toilets can now be found in tourist attractions, shopping centres, pubs, shops, public transport hubs and airports.

Disabled Toilet
Disabled Toilets

We’ve found them almost everywhere we go:

To find a disabled toilet have a look at directory enquiries or you can buy a list from the scheme.

What is a Radar Key?

Disabled Toilet Keys

This won’t come as a surprise, it’s a key! In fact, it’s a bloody big key and it’ll be your best friend when you need it.

If you find a public disabled toilet with an attendant, they usually have a key to unlock the door. But, not every public toilet has an attendant, and (this is bad) if you don’t look disabled you might have a bit of trouble getting the key from them!

To avoid any problems, the best thing to do is buy your own key, better still buy two.

Buy a Disabled Toilet Key?

Before you dash off to buy a key, I would recommend contacting your local council, they sometimes have keys to give out to their disabled residents.

The official Radar key can be bought via the Disability Rights UK website. I have also found them on Amazon for half the price.

Click here for the latest Amazon prices

I have no idea if the disabled toilet keys on Amazon actually work. For a couple of quid, I’ve ordered one, and to be fair the reviews seem to suggest the keys do work. Update – it’s arrived

Disabled Toilet Key
Where to Buy a Disabled Toilet Key

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