Campanile Hotel in Hull City Centre – Review

Campanile in Hull

The last time I stayed in a Campanile Hotel was probably 15 years ago, the hotel was in Washington near Newcastle. So, when we were heading over to the North East coast, I thought it is a good idea to add them to our list of budget hotels.

The road trip was to take us from Spurn Head in the south to Berwick upon Tweed in the north. Logistically, it made sense to stay in Hull on the first night and Washington the following two, so that’s what we did.

For 3 nights in August, we paid less than £100 – be honest… that’s a bargain!

Campanile Hotel in Hull City Centre

We arrived at the hotel quite late in the evening, just in time to catch the restaurant before it closed. After a very warm welcome on reception (possibly the manager), we dropped our bags off in the room and returned for something to eat.

As soon as we sat down at the restaurant it brought back memories. This is how I remember Campanile restaurants, they’re like little French bistro’s – atmospheric!

Campanile Food

After a nice meal, few drinks and a chat with the staff it was time to return to our room.

Now, this is the cool bit – some Campanile hotels are a bit like alpine lodges. Well, not really because there’s no snow and you’re not allowed to light a fire in them, but they do have a look of one!

Once again, we didn’t have an accessible room because we booked late. Maybe, if Campanile read this post, they can invite us to review a “Handy Room” for the blog.

Anyway, back to the room:

Campanile Bed

Campanile Desk

Campanile Bathroom

As you can see, it has a bed, TV, tea and coffee and a bathroom – when we stay for one night, we really don’t need anything else.

The room was clean, the bed was comfy, the telly worked and the water was hot… all good!

The only thing I would say is… the decor could be updated, but it certainly didn’t affect our stay.

The big plus for us about the Campanile in Hull is that you can park your car right outside your front door, this is a massive bonus for people with mobility problems.

Campanile in Hull

Overall, I’m happy to recommend this hotel for an overnight stay – Campanile Hull – Latest Prices

Campanile Washington

The Campanile in Washington is where it all began; for me anyway. I remember the hotel being on a “trading estate”, and guess what, it’s still on a trading estate, although they’ve built some nice houses around it now!

But don’t let that put you off…

This hotel isn’t an alpine lodge, it is your run of the mill block of rooms type of hotel. Again, we were unable to book an accessible room – they are obviously very popular!

Campanile Hotel in Washington
File Photo

The restaurant and bar are separate to the rooms so there’s no rowdiness and, for the most part, the whole building is clean.

We didn’t eat at the hotel because we were bimbling around Northumberland, in fact when I think about it, we didn’t use any facilities other than sleeping in the room.

Campanile Washington
File Photo

Our room was small, bordering on compact, but it was adequate for our needs. I’m fairly sure had we booked an accessible room there would have been more space.

Like Hull, I think the decoration could be updated, but it in no way spoiled our stay.

Campanile Hotel – Latest Prices

Stay at Campanile

Overall, the Campanile is an option if you need a budget hotel. I can’t speak for all of the hotels they own, but the two we used is acceptable for a short stay.

If like us, you sleep in the room and get a wash, then Campanile is fine, and yes we would stay again, but in an accessible room.

If, however, you’re precious, finickity or downright awkward, then maybe you’d be better off paying a bit more and staying in another hotel.

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