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BnB in Dartmoor

We were fortunate enough to stay at Barnabas House B&B in Yelverton on our recent trip to Dartmoor. This stunning Edwardian property is situated in the Dartmoor National Park and offers high-class accommodation and personal service I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

As you know, we generally stay in chain hotels because we know what to expect. But, as you also know, this year we’re mixing it up a bit and trying different types of holiday accommodation. Barnabas House proved we’ve made the right decision.

Barnabas House B&B

Although Angela and Steve don’t market Barnabas House as an accessible bed and breakfast, it worked for us. It leads me to think the word “accessible” creates a feeling of heavily adapted when, in fact, accessible means many different things and is unique to each of us.

Had we looked for an accessible B&B in Dartmoor. Chances are, we wouldn’t have found Barnabas House. Thankfully, as we were visiting the area with Dartmoor Accommodation, Lisa was able to match our access needs to the B&B.


As you know, Bridget is a wheelchair user, but she can get out of her chair. Climbing one small step and walking a short distance is usually possible, as long as she doesn’t have to do it repeatedly.

With this in mind, Barnabas House was accessible to us because we could park at the rear, use the ramp down to the entrance and walk the short distance to our ground floor bedroom.

Access from Car Park
Access to Dining Room

If we were to use the front entrance, there’s one small step and a ramp to the front door. Once inside the front door, there are two steps into the main hallway. If you can manage a maximum of two steps, you’ll have no issue accessing Barnabas House.

Front Door of Barnabas House B&B

Ramp to Front Door

Front Door Entrance

One more thing about accessibility this is often overlooked.

Both Angela and Steve were happy to do whatever they could to accommodate us. They provided us with access information before our stay, moved furniture around when we arrived and made sure we had everything we needed whilst we were there.

Often, that’s all it takes to be accessible, a bit of pre-planning, accurate information and a willingness to help. Also, the onus is on us to explain our access needs in advance, which gives the owners the chance to help us.


There are six bedrooms spread over three floors. We stayed in the only room on the ground floor, the luxurious garden room.

I’m not going to lie, I’d seen the pictures on the website, and I guessed the room would be nice. But it was even nicer than the photos suggested.

Entering our bedroom, the quality immediately struck me. You could feel it! The garden room wouldn’t look out of place in a 5-star boutique hotel or luxury homes magazine.

It oozed quality from the sumptuous king-size bed to the bone china tea set. Then, when Angela introduced me to Plymouth Tea and I sat in my own private garden, I knew I was staying somewhere where the owners cared about giving their guests the best experience.

I’m not going to list everything in the room, and you can see that on their website. The important thing for me, it had everything we needed, including free WiFi and Freeview TV.

Let me show you some pictures because they tell the story better than I can:

King-Size Bed


Garden Room Patio

If you like watching birds in the garden, there is even a handy birdwatchers guide in the room.

Birdwatching Guide

Unprompted, Steve offered to show me around the B&B. Frankly, every room was gorgeous! Here are a few pictures I took as we wandered around:

Bedroom in Barnabas House

Bedroom in BnB

Comfortable Bedrooms

En-Suite Bathroom

The bathroom wasn’t adapted, but again, it worked for us.

The toilet height was OK, the shower had a step which wasn’t too high, and the sink was at a decent height. The quality found in the bedroom carried through into the bathroom.


If you rely on grab rails and a shower seat, you’re out of luck, but if you can manage without rails, stand in the shower or carry your own shower seat (which many people do), then I wouldn’t rule out staying at Barnabas House.

Dining Room

The cosy dining room is spacious and the perfect setting for some home-cooked food.

Dining Room


It hadn’t dawned on me before, but this intimacy and the freshly cooked food was what had been missing from all of our previous hotel stays. When you stay in a place like this, do you realise what you’ve been missing?

Why You Should Consider Staying at Barnabas House

It’s spotlessly clean, feels homely, and runs by a couple who care about your comfort. It’s an ideal base for exploring Dartmoor National Park and close enough to Plymouth for a day out or to visit students.

In short, if you expect more than a bed in a B&B, if you prefer to be treated like a guest, not a customer and if the personal touch is essential, then we’re happy to recommend Barnabas House to you.

Contact Details:

Website: Barnabas House

Facebook: Barnabas House BnB

Twitter: Barnabas House Guest House

We stayed at Barnabas House on a complimentary basis for this review. As always, my opinions are my own.

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