Accessible Canal and River Tours in Stratford upon Avon

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I want to introduce you to Canal and River Tours Ltd in Stratford-upon-Avon. What makes this company a little bit special is its commitment to the accessible canal and river tours.

Last year when we visited Stratford upon Avon, I wasn’t planning on taking a river tour, but it deserved investigating when a company mentioned a wheelchair ramp and access lift on a boat.

Rather than taking an incognito tour, I contacted the company and explained why we were in Stratford. I explained how The Bimblers champions access for all. Therefore, a boat tour with this level of access seemed like an opportunity to do that.

Paul, from Canal and River Tours, invited us on a tour which was nice of him. He also sent me a copy of their access statement, which proved they’re taking access seriously. During our conversation, he said he was glad I’d contacted him because they’ve worked hard to make their boat tours accessible and would love the chance to get some feedback.

I love this attitude and commitment to accessibility. I agreed to take a tour, but as luck would have it, Bridget took a funny turn, and we had to leave Stratford-upon-Avon earlier than expected, which meant we never made the tour.

Even though we didn’t take the tour, I still wanted to write this post using the information available to me and the pictures I took when wandering around the canal basin.

accessible canal and river tours

Canal Basin Gardens

Canal Basin Art

Accessible Canal and River Tours

Canal and River tours operate out of the canal basin in Stratford. The basin itself is lovely to chill and watch the world go by. They run the only licensed sightseeing boat authorised to take you through the historic canal lock and onto the River Avon.

Canal Lock

As well as the river tours, the company also own The Baguette Barge serving authentic French baguettes and the Ice Cream Barge, selling award-winning ice cream. And yes, you can take your food on the river cruise, which is unusual in itself.

Website: Canal and River Tours
Twitter: @CanalRiverTours
Facebook: Canal and River Tours

The Accessible Boat

I’m no expert on boats, and it’s not much of an endorsement to say, “it looks nice”!

So, I’m not attempting to give you the low down on the vessel. If you want to know more about the boat, look at the Jennifer May on their website.

Stratford upon Avon Boat Tours

Canal Basin

Canal Basin Barges

As I mentioned, what interested me was the accessibility, especially access for wheelchair users. There is a non-slip portable ramp from the mooring to get you onto the vessel and a hydraulic wheelchair lift to get you into the seating area. Onboard, there is a wheelchair friendly toilet and baby changing facility. You can read the complete Access Statement here.

The Boat Tour

The tour starts in the historic lock and takes you on a 45-minute cruise along the River Avon. There is onboard commentary, sharing facts about Stratford’s history, culture, and secrets upon Avon, and of course, it’s all voiced by Shakespearean actors.

River Avon Boat Tour

There is also a downloadable multilingual app that provides a text version of the commentary, ideal for the hard of hearing and not English speakers.

Have you been on this tour?

What did you think of it if you’ve been on this tour, especially if you have access needs?

I’m sad we had to cut our trip short, but you can be sure the next time we visit Stratford, we’ll be hopping aboard with Stratford Canal and River Tours.

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