Disabled Access in Dartmoor

Disabled Access Day in Hannahs

Even if I say so myself, we pushed the boat out during Disabled Access Day.

Now in its second year, Disabled Access Day is all about encouraging people to visit somewhere they’ve never been, we visited Dartmoor which was a first, had a go on a Boma 7 another first, and did our first ever radio interview, which again was an absolute first!

Our trip was planned by Lisa from Dartmoor Accommodation, Lisa also has a disability and understands access issues. Lisa wanted us to see for ourselves how accessible Dartmoor can be. But, inviting us to Hannahs on Disabled Access Day was a bit of a masterstroke so here’s what we got up to on the day:

Disabled Access Day in Dartmoor

We started off with a coffee in the bistro, it’s fully accessible in a wheelchair and has table service, it was the perfect start to the day.

Then we moved out into the quadrangle for a ride on the Boma 7. The quadrangle is a flat space with smooth paths, grassed areas, plenty of seating and the gateway to all of the main buildings including the bistro, common room, reception, gallery and great hall.

Me on a Boma 7

Once we’d had a full safety and instruction session with Carl, who incidentally is the Access All Aerials radio host, we took it in turns at burning some rubber.

Bridget didn’t have a go, getting in and out would be too much for her but that didn’t deter me, I jumped at the chance.

Lauren, one of the organisers of Disabled Access Day had kindly sent me an arrow and poster. We posed for a few photos with Dan who’s one of the people involved in accessibility at Hannahs then got back to having some fun on the Boma.

Access Day

Dan and Julian

Carl on Boma 7

Lisa on Boma 7

Just as in life, all good things must come to an end and the time had come to do our first ever radio interview.

The Bimblers on the Radio

I’m not going to lie, I was beyond nervous which is why I prattled on for so long. To be fair, Carl was a brilliant host and made the whole experience enjoyable, I hope we came across OK – you can judge for yourself on the link below.

We’re on after the music:

The Bimblers and Dartmoor Accommodation Talk About Access on Access All Aerials

We had a great time in Hannahs on Disabled Access Day, I wonder what we’ll get up to next year?

If you’d like to see what else we got up to in Dartmoor, read Our Accessible Dartmoor Road Trip

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