The Bimblers is one of the world’s top travel blogs for wheelchair users, slow travellers and people with reduced mobility. Through our stories, we hope to inspire, enlighten and encourage you to travel more and live life to the full.

Disabled Travel Bloggers

I’m Rob the writer and together with Bridget who’s the inspiration, we travel around in a wheelchair gathering access information as we go.

As a general rule, we only ever talk about what people with access needs “can do“. It’s not that we don’t come up against barriers, we do, it’s just that we prefer sharing solutions not problems!

How “The Bimblers” began …

Back in 2014, while picking up a piece of bread, Bridget’s wrist collapsed. In that moment, life as we knew it changed. Bridget had been battling Rheumatoid Arthritis for years and needless to say, the nasty disease had won and her wrist finally gave up the fight.

Despite our best efforts to carry on as normal, Bridget struggled with everyday tasks such as walking and using her hands so I left a job I loved to become her carer. There’s no hiding it, it was a dark time for us.

Terrified by the thought of festering at home for the rest of our lives we developed a plan. Part of the plan was to travel more. Looking back, this was a crazy plan because as you know, travelling with mobility problems isn’t easy.

Even crazier, despite having no blogging skills, I decided to start a travel blog to share our travels – The Bimblers was born.

If you are wondering what bimbling means, it’s this:

Travelling slowly, aimlessly and without purpose

Between then and now, Bridget’s health has continued to deteriorate and I’ve developed a few health problems of my own.

Because of this, you could say we’re now “Britain’s most unlikely travel bloggers” because our lack of mobility means travelling is difficult for us.

But, thanks to a lightweight wheelchair, a power pack and your support we’re still here. The blog continues to grow and from our point of view, we still have many exciting bimbles to conquer.

Who “The Bimblers” is for …

The Bimblers is written for people like us. That could mean you’re over 50, have mobility problems, are disabled, have a chronic illness or maybe you’re a wheelchair user. Granted, that’s a broad spectrum, but that’s who we are, it’s what we know, dare I say it, it’s our area of expertise!

We attract an eclectic mix of people with one thing in common – we all love slow travel. For that reason, we mainly write about accessible travel, short breaks, days out and wheelchair friendly walks, although we do go off-piste sometimes.

How you can get involved …

As crazy as it sounds, we don’t want the blog to be all about us, we want it to be all about you. Through our stories, we try to entertain, offer factual information and give you the tools you need to travel and have fun.

Please get involved by leaving a comment, share our posts with your friends on social media and sign up for our free newsletter.

If you have any questions about travelling with a mobility problem, suggestions for where we should visit next or even ideas to make the blog better, please contact us and we’ll try our very best to oblige.

If you represent a travel brand, tourist board, destination marketing organisation or company who’d like to collaborate with us, take a look at our work with us page.

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