A Big Thank You to Cory Lee …

Curb Free with Cory Lee

Even though we’re only a few months in to our journey we’ve already had times when travelling was too hard. There’s nothing worse than travelling when you’re ill; it’s a burden and can become a bit of a chore!

When this happens, instead of getting down we seek comfort from the many guys and gals already doing it. These folk push themselves beyond comprehension and frankly put most of us to shame. For us, there’s one guy in particular that really stands out…

Curb Free with Cory LeeCory of Curb Free with Cory Lee is a young man who even though he’s still in his 20’s has clocked up 1000’s of miles in his chair. Not only that, he’s sharing the accessible tourism message far and wide for the benefit of us all.

He may or may not appreciate being called inspirational but it’s a much deserved crown he should wear with pride!

Curb free with Cory Lee is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for accessible places to visit, we especially liked “10 of the Most Wheelchair Accessible Beaches in the World” and the fact that Katy Perry flew him to the UK for a chat – c’mon that’s impressive!

So imagine how honoured we were when Cory asked us to contribute to his blog. We jumped at the chance, who’d have thought that little old us would be mixing in such influential circles; not us that’s for sure!

The contribution in question can be found here: 8 Wheelchair Users Share The Most Accessible Places They’ve Ever Been

Before you dash off to read it we want to get back to the point of this post; which incidentally isn’t about shameless self-promotion but about saying a big thank you to Cory.

Thank you obviously for allowing us to contribute to your blog. But more importantly, thank you for all of the work you’re doing to promote accessible tourism around the world; we certainly appreciate it!

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