3 Budget Hotels with Accessible Rooms

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When it comes to booking budget hotels with an accessible hotel room, it’s a lottery. A lottery because what’s accessible to one person may not be accessible to another.

Then, when you throw the price into the equation, the lottery can get silly!

We all know travelling is expensive, and the biggest chunk of your budget goes to the hotel room. And, when you need an accessible room, you often find inflated prices because demand outstrips supply.

The good news, there is an alternative, and it’s this – stay in a budget hotel.

Let’s be honest, for most of us, all we need is a comfortable bed and accessible bathroom. Paying for luxuries is pointless, and in reality, they don’t enhance your stay in the slightest, other than impressing your friends on Facebook.

It’s a common misconception, in fact, it’s almost expected that budget hotels offer poor service and comfort. I disagree, in fact, I’m going to dispel the myth.

From our point of view, using a budget hotel is a win-win, not only are they generally wheelchair friendly, but also affordable, which in itself can be a barrier to travel.

To keep things in context, the criteria I’m using for a budget hotel is less than £50 a night. I appreciate that even £50 a night is expensive, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Typically, all of these hotel chains run promotions, which means rooms are often less than £50 a night.

Travel Tip: Book as far in advance as you can, and book directly with the hotel.

By the way, accessible to us means, being able to access the hotel in a wheelchair, access the room, and ideally an accessible bathroom. Bridget can get out of her chair, a full wet room is not always necessary as long as there is a low-level shower with grab rails and a seat.

Obviously, this won’t suit everyone.

Budget Hotels with Disabled Facilities

Premier Inn

Premier Inn Disabled Facilities

We’ve stayed in a number of Premier Inn hotels, and we’ve never encountered a problem. We’ve stayed in an accessible room in Dublin and Caernarfon. Both rooms were more than adequate for what we needed – space to move around, low-level facilities, decent height bed, and fully accessible bathrooms.

Wheelchair Friendly Hotel Room in Premier Inn

Disabled Toilet in Premier Inn

Accessible Shower in Premier Inn

For people who need a hoist to transfer, neither room was suitable. You could take your own portable hoist, but you’d need to check the under bed height with the individual hotel first.

We also stayed in a non-accessible room in Cardiff, it wasn’t ideal but we made it work!

Click here for the latest Premier Inn prices and Access Details


Travelodge Disabled Facilities

We like Travelodge, not least because it’s usually the cheapest. They’re undergoing a makeover, the new colours are bright, but don’t let that put you off.

Budget Hotel in Stratford upon Avon

With regards to accessible rooms, we stayed in the Stratford upon Avon Travelodge and it had a full wet room.

Disabled Toilet in Budget Hotel

Wet Room in Travelodge

We also stayed in a standard room in Llandudno when there were no accessible rooms available, to be honest, apart from the wet room there wasn’t much in it.

Click here for the latest Travelodge prices and Access Details

Holiday Inn Express

Disabled Facilities in Holiday Inn Express

Last, but by no means least are Holiday Inn Express. If I was forced to choose, I would say that our stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Cardiff was my favourite. Why I hear you ask, well I’ll tell you – it had the biggest bedroom, best bathroom and an eat all you like breakfast buffet for less than £50 a night.

Disabled Friendly Room in the Holiday Inn Express

Disabled Toilet in the Holiday Inn Express

Wetroom in the Holiday Inn Express

Go direct with Holiday Inn for the cheapest prices and join the rewards program

Note: We have also stayed in The Campanile and Days Inn, both have accessible rooms but not when we stayed. I mention them because they also have rooms in the sub £50 price point.

I know it’s hard when you travel on a budget, but I’ve learned that unless you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the hotel, you don’t need a luxurious hotel. Of course, if you’re flush and fancy spoiling yourself – go for it!

I think we’re quite lucky in the UK because we have a number of budget options. Granted, it does take a bit of work to find the best deal, but with a bit of patience and pre-planning, cheap hotel rooms can be found.

Why not take a look at some more of our reviews and let me know if you’ve used any of these budget hotels.


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