£15 Off UberWAV With The Bimblers Special Discount Code

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

So, you know we used UberWAV in London, and you know we loved it. If you didn’t know, I suggest you read this post- Save Money With UberWAV


  • uberWAV is now called uberACCESS
  • uberAccess is now available in Birmingham and Manchester

Anyway, Uber PR got in touch with us and thanked us for our kind words and post. To be fair, I didn’t write the post to get their attention, I wrote it to get yours because if you’re visiting London and need a wheelchair accessible taxi you really should try UberWAV.

I digress, back to Uber PR …

They were pleased we’d used UberWAV taxis in London and they’re keen to encourage more wheelchair users to try it out. They asked us would we be willing to spread the word in return for our very own Uber discount code. A code we can share with our friends (you) to save you £15 off your first ride when you register, obviously, we said yes.

Here’s the code, just click on it, sign up to Uber and you’re done – £15 off your first uber ride:


They also gave us our very own poster with our special discount code on it , look:

Discount Code for Uber Taxis

As I understand it, this code can be used on any of the Uber rides not just UberWAV so fill your boots.

If you haven’t read the other post I wrote about UberWAV, here it is again We Used UberWAV in London and Saved a Fortune it’ll tell you a lot more about how to join and how much money you can save when you use Uber.

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