Chronic Illness, Disability and Accessible Travel

Elms Farm Cottages

Elms Farm Luxury Holiday Cottages – Review

Accessible Cottages

Back in May, we had the pleasure of spending a week at the award-winning Elms Farm Luxury Holiday Cottages at Hubbert’s Bridge near Boston in Lincolnshire. We’ve been lucky to stay in some beautiful cottages, [more..]

Wheelchair Day Out in Blackpool

Accessible Days Out on the North West Coast

Accessible Travel

Ask most people if they’ve visited the North West and they’ll tell you they’ve been to the Lake District or Blackpool. Whilst both locations are special in their own right, I can’t help thinking visitors [more..]

Living with Chronic Illness, Pain and Disability

Living with Fibromyalgia

What Fibromyalgia is Like for Me?

This is a blow by blow description of what living with Fibromyalgia is like for me. You and I might have the same symptoms, similar stories about how we were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, even the [more..]

CBD Products

Can CBD Oil Help Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain?

Those of you suffering from chronic illness, especially a chronic illness that involves pain, will understand why I’m willing to try anything to dial down the pain. My pain is caused by Fibromyalgia and Restless [more..]

St Ives in Cornwall

It’s Been a Funny Old Week

I’ve neglected The Bimblers over the last few months. I’m feeling much better now, so its time to get the blog back on track. I’ve still got to be careful, I still need to stay [more..]

Relationships and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Relationships

It always upsets me when I see discussions about a relationship breakdown, especially when Rheumatoid Arthritis or chronic illness is cited as the cause. Here are some examples of statements I hear people say: Rheumatoid [more..]

Mobility Aids and Adaptations

Buying a Lightweight Wheelchair

How to Choose a Lightweight Wheelchair

It’s a big decision to start using a wheelchair. It somehow feels like you’re giving up and for some people, there’s the embarrassment of being seen in a wheelchair. Honestly, I get it. Bridget had a wheelchair [more..]

Radar Key

Where to Buy a Disabled Toilet Key

Have you ever found yourself standing outside a disabled toilet, desperate for a wee, only to find you need a Radar Key for the disabled toilet? We have, loads of times, especially when we’re travelling. [more..]


A Lightweight Deluxe Wheelchair in a Bag

It’s not often we get invited to test mobility products, so when Fenetic Wellbeing asked us to test their “Deluxe Wheelchair in a Bag” I was not only surprised but also intrigued because I’ve never [more..]

TGA Wheelchair Power Pack

TGA Wheelchair Power Pack

If you are anything like me, you’ll know how hard it can be to push a manual wheelchair. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled to push Bridget’s chair up an incline. And, [more..]

Days Out, Weekend Breaks and Accessible Travel

Food Poisoning on Holiday
Accessible Travel

How to Make a Holiday Sickness Claim

Anecdotally, I’m convinced a bout of food poisoning on holiday started Bridget on the road to developing Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have no proof, and this happened 25 years ago on an all-inclusive holiday in the [more..]

Days Out in Liverpool
Accessible Travel

35 Things to do in Liverpool in a Wheelchair

Here we have a handpicked selection of attractions, days out, and tourist hotspots in Liverpool. This growing list includes our days out in a wheelchair, days out from other disabled bloggers, and attractions we find [more..]

Accessible Days Out in Sandringham
Accessible Travel

Accessible Days Out in Sandringham

All this talk of Royal Weddings reminds me I still need to tell you about accessible days out in Sandringham, the Queen’s country retreat in Norfolk. We were staying at Elms Farm Cottages in Lincolnshire [more..]

Days Out in Lincoln Castle
Accessible Travel

Accessible Days Out in Lincoln Castle

It’s not often you hear me talk about a day out in a castle, but I can highly recommend wheelchair friendly days out in Lincoln Castle. During our stay at Elms Farm Cottages in Lincolnshire, [more..]

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