Would you like to write for us? Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t, after all, The Bimblers is one of the top accessible tourism blogs in the world.

Well, now you can because we’re opening up The Bimblers to guest writers. A blog like this, especially if it is to continue to help others needs more content and that’s where you come in.

If you have a story to tell, we’d like to hear it. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer, me neither, what matters is your story is relevant to our audience.

Who Can Write for The Bimblers?

There are four types of writers we’re hoping to attract:

People with Disabilities and Carers

We’re looking for real-life stories, suggestions, reviews, in fact, anything that will help people like us enjoy travel more.

You might want to tell us about accessibility in your local area, a fantastic holiday you’ve been on or a service you’ve used to make travelling easier. We really haven’t got a fixed list, if what you have to share will help our readers, we’d love to hear from you – contact us

At the moment we are unable to pay for guest posts, but if you have your own blog or website we’ll happily link to it.

Travel Bloggers and Writers

If you already write about travelling with a disability we’d like to hear from you – contact us

As already mentioned, we are unable to pay for guests posts, but we will give you a do-follow link and we’ll promote your post on social media.

Charities and Non-Commercial Services

If you are a charity or non-commercial organisation that helps people with disabilities take a holiday, enjoy the outdoors or anything else designed to help people travel more we’d like to hear from you – contact us

If you are genuinely a non-profit making organisation, we’ll happily publish your guest post free of charge.

Commercial Services and Business

Yes, we accept sponsored posts from commercial entities, but we charge for the pleasure. Any post which includes a mention or link to a commercial/business/profit making entity will be considered as a sponsored post.

Please note: If you are pitching us a post, infographic or idea our audience will love, it “must” be relevant to our audience. Our audience is interested in travelling with a disability, overcoming barriers to travelling with a disability and ideas to save money whilst travelling with a disability. Without being rude, I will ignore pitches that do not fit this brief.

So that I know you understand the information above please include the following in your request to guest post “I understand that you only publish posts relevant to travelling with a disability”. If your request doesn’t include this sentence I will assume you haven’t bothered to read this and will ignore your contact. Sorry for the bluntness but I get far too many irrelevant requests.

It costs money to travel and run a blog, oh and we have normal day to day bills to pay. Therefore, if you want us to promote your business, product, service or anything else for your commercial gain, expect to cross our palms with silver.

If you value what we do and would like to sponsor a post head on over to our Work with us page