The Wirral Coast Path on the North West coast of England has some pretty impressive scenery, fortunately, it’s on our doorstep.

One particular favourite of ours is Seacombe to New Brighton not least because it’s flat.

Flanked by the River Mersey with stunning views of Liverpool’s waterfront and bay this gentle walk is a great introduction to the Wirral coast.

Seacombe is also a drop-off point for the world famous Mersey Ferry so if you’re staying in Liverpool it’s an easy excursion away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Walk

Seacombe Ferry Terminal

From the Seacombe terminals basically keep the river on your right and keep walking, it couldn’t be any simpler. There’s no need for directions just bimble along the pedestrianised promenade and enjoy the scenery.

Map of River Mersey Walk

This imposing structure is an air vent for the Mersey Tunnel, there’s a set on either side of the river.

Mersey Tunnel Ventilation

Pause to watch fisherman land their catch, admire the skyline and ponder the history of this powerful river.

The walk from Seacombe to New Brighton is approximately 2.5 miles and don’t forget you’ll need to walk back so a 5-mile round trip. In all honesty, if you take it slowly it doesn’t feel like that distance.

There’s so much going on the walking is almost immaterial as you engage in a spell of people watching.

The River Mersey never ceases to amaze me. In days gone by it’ll have been the lifeblood of Liverpool, a vein running through the city without which it wouldn’t survive!

Liverpool Waterfront

Today, although still used as a port for cargo the river has taken on a whole new meaning.

Cruise ships from across the globe, pleasure craft negotiating the swirl, water sports competitions and art installations are commonplace.

Art on The Mersey

You’re more likely to meet a tourist than a docker thanks to massive investment and regeneration on both banks of the Mersey.

But it’s not all about the business of tourism. Catchy songs aside, the river hold’s special memories for us locals.

I personally have many memories of walking along this prom as a child, to me, this was abroad!

New Brighton was Disneyland with its flashing lights, loud music from the funfair and constant yet unmistakable smell of doughnuts and candy floss. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine pushing the love of my life along here some forty years later!

After about a mile and a half you catch the first glimpse of Fort Perch Rock (my kids used to call it Archie’s Castle), this image is New Brighton in a nutshell.

Fort Perch Rock

Castle in New Brighton

For many years, New Brighton like many seaside towns was left to rot. But, it has been quietly going about reinventing itself into a destination worth visiting and in my opinion, it’s been a success.

The Floral Pavilion which has hosted some of the biggest names in show business is once more a venue for the stars. Marine Point leisure complex complete with cinema, restaurants, shopping and cafe’s dominates a once run-down quayside.

Marine Point in New Brighton

The marine point is at the end of the walk, the perfect place for a pit stop before returning back to Seacombe.

If you’ve walked this section of the Wirral coast or if we’ve inspired you to give it a go; share it with us in the comments section.

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