The Bimblers is a travel and lifestyle blog for people with limited mobility, a disability or chronic illness. We focus on living life in the slow lane, accessible holidays, slow travel, weekend breaks, days out and wheelchair friendly walks, although we do go off piste sometimes.

Through our stories, we aim to show that a fulfilled life and exciting travel are possible. And, thanks to you, The Bimblers has become one of the world’s top blogs for accessible tourism and positive living.

When we started this blog, we noticed that people with a disability or long-term illness faced many barriers. We set off on a personal journey to knock them all down…

Meet The Bimblers

Disabled Travel Bloggers

We are Bridget and Rob – The Bimblers. We’re not like most bloggers, we’re older, live a simple life, travel slowly in a wheelchair and prefer culture to clubbing and food to festivals.

As we get older, we take the time to enjoy the simple things and appreciate what we have. We aspire to be the best we can be, to enjoy the time we have together and to live every day like the last.

I’m Rob, the writer and Bridget; she’s the inspiration. Bridget is the reason we push ourselves to a fulfilled life.

Bridget suffers from Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis and has done since the age of 26. Too many years of RA flares left her virtually unable to walk and pretty much unable to use her hands, despite that she refuses to give up.

I’m not exactly the picture of health myself. I suffer from heart disease, Fibromyalgia and Asthma. Together, you could say we’re the perfect storm because our health problems don’t necessarily fit with travelling or living an adventurous life.

Britain’s Most Unlikely Travel Bloggers

Back in 2014, life through another curveball. Bridget’s health rapidly deteriorated and life as we knew it changed. Ultimately, it meant I had to leave employment and become Bridget’s full-time carer. At that time, both of us were terrified by the thought of sitting at home for the rest of our lives, so we developed a plan.

Part of the plan was to start our own travel blog – The Bimblers. If you are wondering what bimbling actually means its:

travelling slowly, aimlessly and without purpose

It sounds silly saying it now, but because of our health, we don’t travel very well, starting a travel blog literally made no sense. That said, that’s exactly why we do it. We now know from your feedback that our stories encourage you to travel more and inspire you to overcome your individual challenges.

The Bimblers Travel Blog

Instead of bungee jumping, endless selfies and swimming with sharks, we give you:

  • Disabled Holidays
  • Premium Staycations
  • Wheelchair Friendly Weekend Breaks
  • 50+ Travel
  • Cultural Road Trips
  • Relaxing Days Out
  • Inspiring Wheelchair Walks
  • Luxury and Premium Hotel Reviews
  • Alternative Luxury Accommodation
  • Lifestyle Tips

The Bimblers is about trying new things, seeing new places and enjoying the best the world has to offer.

Check out some of our recent trips:

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We actively encourage you to get involved, share your stories and recommendations with us.

There’ll be no jumping out of planes, scuba diving, climbing mountains or adventure sports. The Bimblers is about taking life easy, accessible and affordable travel and sampling the good things in life.

We represent real people, with real barriers to travel. We celebrate living life in the slow lane and we won’t dress it up. Life is hard when you have a disability, but we’re not prepared to let life’s challenges get in the way and neither should you.

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